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The Company


Lian Kizner 
Artistic Director, Co-Founder, Choreographer

Co-Founding Partner and Artistic Director of SteLi Dance Company, Lian Kizner, debuted 16 years ago at Studio E in Queens. Kizner’s keen eye for character interpretation and direction earned her the Choreography award from Lehman College after receiving her Dance and Psychology BA, before they invited her to choreograph for their department. Invited to multiple virtual performances through 2020 SteLi Dance Company leverages their platform to both contribute to the creative canon and invest in community equality efforts. Kizner’s expertise graces the stage through her distinctive blend of style and the character development achieved through precisely choreographed movement.

Stephen Galvan
Co-Founder, Choreographer

Dance BA Lehman college, class of 2017 has been dancing since age 15. His philosophy of dance is “respect your body - dance is a partnership with yourself.” His studies in dance blossomed during his undergraduate years. In 2017 his choreographic work “NoMENclature,” won the award for choreographic excellence. Since graduating, Stephen has been an active member of: REDi Dance Company, The ChoreoJoey Project, and Herbert H. Dance Co. His style combines modern dance, house, ballroom, dramaturgy, Butoh, hip hop, capoeira, ballet, and floor work.




Kara Rose Hauenstein


Asim Logan


Destiny Pino


Loreal Quiroz 


Idania Quezada 


Derron Thomas 

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