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Mission Statement

SteLi Dance Company, a NYC-based artist collective, is dedicated to exploring social and environmental justice through the expression of dance and movement as well as other visual and tactile artistic mediums. We believe there are limitless possibilities for growth and change in the world through collaborative efforts. SteLi Dance explores both charted and uncharted territories to promote awareness through visual imagery, movement, and education. Profound areas of interest include: Environmental and Social Justice, Water Conservation, and Emotional/Psychological Understanding. SteLi Dance creates perception and connection through strong, emotional art pieces ranging from empathy and pathos to comedy and fun.

Long-time collaborators Stephen Galvan and Lian Kizner founded SteLi dance in 2019, after the resounding success of their first showcase in June of that year. The repertory of SteLi Dance is known for the dichotomy of sharp, angular house dance and slow, smooth contemporary movement, as well as vibrant athleticism and physicality. In recognition of SteLi’s fresh and inventive work, they were awarded the first B. Wilson Producing Scholars Grant.

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