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Into-You-I-See Workshop

First Saturdays April - August, 2022 12-2pm EST Location Downtown Manhattan $5workshop or

Now offered as a workshop AND as a 2-Day Intensive!

Into-You-I-See, a play on the word "intimacy," is a human connection movement workshop focusing on choreography-building through our natural movements. Most of us assume listening to be a passive part of communication. In this workshop, we will approach listening as something active, and one of the most generous things you can provide another person. We bring this to the forefront of our awareness and begin using techniques to practice and strengthen this muscle.

We use the Weʻre Not Really Strangers card deck, a card game created to deepen existing relationships and create new ones.

Designed for non-dancers and dancers.

This is an ongoing workshop that started in November 2021.

Into-You-I-See has been offered at the following events

January 2023: Creative Winter Workshops at Lehman College

March + May 2023: Wellness Circle at NOMAA

May 2023: Moonoura's Self-Connection Art Expo at The Brooklyn Monarch

July 2023: Gente Healing in the Park at Fort Tryon Park

March 2024: Camino al Arte Residency in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

"Into- You- I- See, es un workshop que me ha dejado una visión distinta en el empleo de herramientas para diseñar o componer desde el cuerpo. Principalmente destacó la facilidad de la Directora Lian, en esa manera de manejar el ritmo de la sesión proponiéndonos através de preguntas; una construcción policorporal al dar y recibir con el otro dándose ese punto de reflejo con los demás." 

Translated to English: "Into-You-I-See is a workshop that has left me with a different vision in the use of tools to design or compose from the body. Mainly, the ease of Director Lian stood out, in that way of managing the rhythm of the session by proposing questions; a polycorporeal construction by giving and receiving with the other, giving that point of reflection with the others."

- Workshop attendee from March workshop in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

"I look forward to join the Into-You-I-See workshops every month because it creates a space for me to connect deeply with my fellow participants that I don't have the ability to do in my daily life. The questions can seem scary at first, but I feel supported in the workshops. It makes me feel like I can tackle the subjects in the questions more head on."

- Amanda Almeida

"I signed up for the Into-You-I-See Series. I found that each week, I became more and more comfortable in my body. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of discussion, observing natural movement, and creating a dance as a whole. Lian, who is the co-founder of SteLi Dance and creator of Into-You-I-See, is so uplifting and refreshing with her enthusiasm. She creates a safe space to explore and be in this process."

- Barbara, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor

SteLi Book Club:
Anti-Racism Education

The year 2020 brought out a huge shift in the world. Injustices once kept from the light rose to the surface; things once overlooked in our personal lives, as well, have entered the forefront of our consciousness. We as a community felt an urgent pull to address and educate ourselves on the role systemic racism has played in world history and in particular the effect it has had on the lives of  Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). Our intention was to hold ourselves accountable and encourage and inspire others to continue or take on learning from, discussing and sharing these stories and experiences.


Since June 2020, we have held weekly SteLi Book Club meetings, engaging in works with an anti-racism  lens which facilitates critical thinking for other areas of life. 


Session 1: "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander

Session 2: "Ten Arguments for Deleting your Social Media Accounts Right Now" by Jaron Lanier

Session 3: "Funeral Diva" by Pamela Sneed

Book Club.png

"This entire pandemic has blown up and magnified the ways in which our society has failed our people. Part of the quarantine experience has been watching this all unfold in isolation and silence. I come to SteLi Book Club to partake in a collective creation of hope that is desperately needed."

-Amanda Almeida

Member of SteLi Book Club Sessions 1, 2, and 3

Mindfulness Sessions

SteLi Dance has been offering MORNING and EVENING Mindfulness Sessions on Instagram LIVE from November 2020 until May 2021.

The sessions focus on stretching the body and relaxing the mind, while bringing our awareness and focus onto our breath. 

The morning sessions are meant as a way to help start the day right, grounding you in your body to be fully present in the current moment. 

The evening sessions are used to prepare the mind and body for sleep, and release the stresses of the day.

All sessions are saved on our IGTV for 24 hours. 

Instagram Posts (13).png

Zoom Dance Classes

Dancer Talks

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 11.48.49

SteLi Dance Company presents the Dancer Talk series, where we get to know our dancers on the topic of food or a location.

In these videos, we got to know four of our dancers,

Asim Logan, Loreal Quiroz, Kara Hauenstein, and Destiny Pino

on a personal topic of either food or a specific location in NYC - both of which have meaning to them. We hope you enjoy watching these just as much as we did making them, learning about our dancers as human beings.

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