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December 9th, 2023

Gibney: Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center,

White Box Theater

SteLi Dance proudly presents "Two-gether," an extraordinary collaborative performance. At the heart of this event is the premiere of our newest work “Two,” a series of duets representing the profound power of human connection and support for mental, physical, and environmental health.

Produced by SteLi Productions

Directed by Lian Kizner

Featured Guest Artists/Companies: John Trunfio, Jelani Taylor & Era Dance Company, Tina Bararian, Muyu Ruba, Stephanie Steme - STEME DANCE NYC

Dancers: Joy Lee, Kara Hauenstein, Derron Thomas, and Lian Kizner

Choreographer: Lian Kizner in collaboration with dancers

Music: DAYE

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July 28th, 2023

DreamYard Project, The Bronx, NY

SteLi Dance performed at the live reading of "River to River, Soil to Soil," a celebration of BIPOC storytelling, love, and joy. "When her usual subway ride home becomes an unexpected journey through time, Lucely Vasquez is forced to reconcile what it truly means to heal as a daughter of immigrants, and whether she is capable of a return to love. Can she make amends, overcome the hurt that border-crossing and family separation inflicts on a family, without sacrificing self-preservation?"

Written by Ayling Zulema Dominguez

Dancers: Loreal Quiroz, Nikki Medina, Alaynia "Fox" La Porte

Choreographer: Idania Quezada

Supported by: Bronx Council on the Arts


Dancers Unlimited - May Festival _MAIN FLYER (2).jpg

May 5th, 2022

IATI Theater, NYC

SteLi Dance performed at Dancers Unlimitedʻs Spring CommUNITY Week: Reasons Legacy 7 CommUNITY Performances


Dancers: Loreal Quiroz, Derron Thomas

Choreographer: Lian Kizner

Music: DAYE

April 30th, 2022

The Players Theater, NYC

SteLi Dance helped close off the Raving Jaynesʻ monthly improvisational performance, "If You Say So!", by opening for their LAST one!

SteLi performed a new, guided improvisational piece, 

The Color Orange

Dancers: Stephen Galvan and Lian Kizner

Music: Frank Ocean

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Final e-flyer-DBNYC 2021-R2.jpg

SteLi Dance is SO honored to have performed IN-PERSON and INDOORS at a theater this past November!!!

DP’s first ever dance festival ran Thurs – Sat, November 18 – 20, 2021 with 6 different programs. The Festival provides outstanding opportunities for choreographers in all dance genres who are presenting work around the themes: Strength, Equity, and Respect.


Dancers: Stephen Galvan, Kara Hauenstein, Jayleen Maldonado, Derron Thomas, Lian Kizner

Music: DAYE, Woodkid, Brooke Leialoha Dabalos

July 23rd, 2021

NoMad Dance Festival

Producers: SteLi Dance & Dancers Unlimited

Location: E 26th Street between 5th Ave and Madison Ave, with support through Open Culture NYC
Choreographers: Lian Kizner and Stephen Galvan
Dancers: Kara Hauenstein, Stephen Galvan, Lian Kizner, Loreal Quiroz, Derron Thomas
Music: DAYE


Thank you to everyone who came out to NoMad Dance Festival on July 23rd! Thank you for making SteLi’s FIRST Outdoor event and FIRST collaboration with Dancers Unlimited a success. To those who stopped while biking or walking, or those who decided to put their bags down and join the classes, to the families and friends who took any public transportation just to come see us, THANK YOU! To those who danced with us through rain and shine, THANK YOU!

We are so grateful to all of the talented dancers who joined us at NoMad Dance Festival. None of this could have been possible without everyone’s tireless efforts and positivity. This goes to show how amazing things can happen when we reconnect as a community and share our happiness!

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SteLi Dance was one of Dancers Unlimited's featured guest companies to show pre-recorded work in their "Reasons Legacy 6" Virtual Performance in August 2020. We showcased performance footage of "Agua Y Puerta," choreographed by Lian Kizner, from 2019, as well as rehearsal footage of "Cosmic Balance," choreographed by Stephen Galvan and Lian Kizner, from early 2020.

A NYC Pandemic Story.png

In October 2020, SteLi Dance was a part of Groundswell Series' Site-Specific 2020 Dance Video Projects, where we showcased our dance film, "A NYC Pandemic Story." This piece featured 5 of our dancers in a combination of choreographed and improvised sections.

Dixon Place accepted SteLi Dance to be a part of their 30/30/30 Dance Festival on December 30, 2020, where we showcased our dance film, "Dis-Dance+Connect." This piece featured 6 of our dancers, each recorded individually, combining choreography by Lian Kizner and Stephen Galvan, as well as improvised sections.

Dancer Talk Asim Logan.png


STELIʻs FIRST Performance (pre-company establishment) 

Made possible by the B. Wilson Foundation
June 7th and 8th, 2019 at the Kraine Theater, NYC

SteLi: Focusing on Connection, Water Conservation, and the Atmosphere as commodities in life

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