Mission Statement

SteLi Dance Company, a NYC-based artist collective, is dedicated to exploring social and environmental justice through the expression of dance and movement as well as other visual and tactile artistic mediums. We believe there are limitless possibilities for growth and change in the world through collaborative efforts. SteLi Dance explores both chartered and unchartered territories to promote awareness through visual imagery, movement, and education. Profound areas of interest include: Environmental and Social Justice, Water Conservation, and Emotional/Psychological Understanding. SteLi Dance creates perception and connection through strong, emotional art pieces ranging from empathy and pathos to comedy and fun.

Long-time collaborators Stephen Galvan and Lian Kizner founded SteLi dance in 2019, after the resounding success of their first showcase in June of that year. The repertory of SteLi Dance is known for the dichotomy of sharp, angular house dance and slow, smooth contemporary movement, as well as vibrant athleticism and physicality. In recognition of SteLi’s fresh and inventive work, they were awarded the first B. Wilson Producing Scholars Grant.

Lian Kizner (co-founder, artistic director, choreographer)

A dancer and choreographer who recently graduated from Lehman College with a Dance and Psychology BA. She has been dancing and performing since she was seven years old. She has learned many different styles of dance throughout her career but started with a base in jazz and tap. Her mission is to create work that makes people aware and question aspects of the human experience that aren’t normally talked about. The first performed piece that she choreographed was called "Negiot," in 2018, that started her love for creating and sharing her visions. In 2019, she choreographed, "Me/Us," which was selected to perform in front of evaluators of Lehman college. She produced her own dance show in June 2019, in collaboration with Stephen Galvan, after receiving the BWPS Grant. She became the co-founder and co-artistic director of SteLi Dance company, shortly after. 

Stephen Galvan (co-founder, artistic director, choreographer) 

Dance BA Lehman college, class of 2017 has been dancing since age 15. His philosophy of dance is “respect your body - dance is a partnership with yourself.” His studies in dance blossomed during his undergraduate years. In 2017 his choreographic work “NoMENclature,” won the award for choreographic excellence. Since graduating, Stephen has been an active member of: REDi Dance Company, The ChoreoJoey Project, and Herbert H. Dance Co. His style combines modern dance, house, ballroom, dramaturgy, Butoh, hip hop, capoeira, ballet, and floor work.

Laurie Marvald (advisor) is the Founder and Managing Director of The Tutoring Collective, an NYC-based unique resource group of teachers, mentors, and coaches. In addition, Laurie is the founder and co-manages AJR Productions, LLC – a Music Production Company and Record Label. Laurie created and manages the music group: AJR, an Alternative Pop Band that has 7 platinum hits and currently is #1 on the Alternative Charts. AJR Productions has partnered with Warner Music for their first Platinum Hit, and is currently in partnership with BMG Music, Sony and represented by William Morris Agency. Laurie is presently on the Advisory Board for Rialto; a curated investment site, serving as the Arts Expert. Laurie has served as a Consultant for the educational start-up called Foundry College. She has created a unique marketing strategy and perspective, by combining Music Marketing with Educational Outreach & Student Admissions. Laurie’s new company ‘The Launch Laboratory’ has been formed as an incubator for new ideas and developing companies. Laurie is extremely proud of mentoring SteLi Dance, a new and upcoming NYC-based dance company. This mentoring group will be the template for creating in house mentoring at Lehman College of the CUNY, as well as other colleges. Laurie is a graduate of Cornell University School of Architecture and has attended Columbia University School of Business.

Kara Rose Hauenstein (rehearsal director, dancer) received her B.F.A in Dance from Adelphi University in 2011. Kara has had the opportunity to perform excerpts from Bella Figura choreographed by Jiří Kylián as well as works by Maurice Brandon-Curry and David Parsons.

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