A creative opportunity for exploration given by Groundswell Series for their Site-Specific 2020 video project. SteLi Dance explored the inside of a home, using a couch as the most used place, as it has felt for us during this pandemic. Then, safely exploring the outside areas of this Brooklyn neighborhood with our face masks.

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These last few months of 2020 have brought out a huge shift in the world. Many things have come out onto the surface, in our personal lives as well as in the general public. Things that we should all be concerned about. We felt as though we needed to get educated and hold each other accountable in doing the same.

Since the end of June, we have held a SteLi Book Club where we have read "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander and held weekly discussions on what we read as an effort to make an achievable change.

We will be resuming Book Club in November. If you are interested in joining the next session of SteLi Book Club, please click below. We will reach out as we prepare for the second session.

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